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In Chlorate Cell

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    In Chlorate cell should i run 300 Amp by DC Converter 300 AMP to make Chlorate in short period?
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    i would not recommend that because the greater the current, the faster the electrodes will corrode. i also would not recommend this because the massive amount of chlorine gas it would cause.
    it may speed up the process but you will have fewer chlorate crystals left over.
    But thats just my recommendation.
    if you still want to do that, try to Google it thats how i found this site, lol
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    300 Amps! How are you going to [safely] run 300 amps through an electrolytic cell?
    If you try to do this for any extended period of time, you are going to boil your water away and ruin your electrodes.

    The higher the current through the cell, the faster the Chlorate production, yes, but I would keep the current to a reasonable level if I were you.

    There is an optimum temperature and current density (current per unit surface area of the electrodes) one might try to shoot for. Faster production is not always “better” in this sense.
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