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In memory of a death

  1. Mar 24, 2005 #1
    A discussion member in one of the places I hang around did commit suicide. I recently know it and it made me so sad reading all his posts and realize that he now is gone forever. It was difficult holding back the tears seeing a young good person is not here any more. He was a good member and also an administrator for a little discussion board. He never roared or was rude to anyone. He could make jokes and very polite in discussion with people. The board is now dead without him. The members are all gone. No traces of him. He was only 20 with life and future in front of him, but he chose not to be there. He thought the human beings and life were awful and he meant that walking on this earth was worse than being in hell. He was a good person, because he said that he could feel if someone was hurt, even strangers, and he really wanted to get to them and comfort them, but he could not do it, because one usually did not go to strangers and comfort them. I cried more when i read he said it...now he was gone forever. He loved music, games, movies, UFO and more. He was a smart and talented guy, you can see it from his replies. He was a very good person and is worth to be remembered and not to be forgotten. Even if i don't know him, but it seems like i have lost a very good friend.

    The poem he posted:

    The worm

    I see a worm, and I see lots of life...
    you, may think what a weird place to see life,
    its just a worm...
    But the worm is changing,
    into a beatiful butterfly..
    Thats much better symbol of life you think.
    But what is the difference?
    It was life all along...
    Treat life like you treat your
    most precius thing in the world.
    Its the cause of the creation and its all that is.
    Dont let somone take yours and help others keep
    their and take care of life that has a
    hard time helping itself.
    When all life realize that life is all that is then
    the creation is finaly complete...

    Rest in peace and i hope you get what you look for, Starchild.
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    It is a sad event indeed when things such as this occur. He reminds me a lot like myself, and probably many other members who frequent this forum as well. There are too few people like the one you describe in the world already, and losing one is always a tragic loss. I always look forward to meeting people of this nature, because there are very few in my geographical area.

    Again, that is of a truly noble spirit, it is a shame that life burdened him so that his only recourse was suicide to end his pain. Such levels of empathy are not common, it seemed like he wanted to love, but had no means to do so.

    His poem reveals much of his character, and his respect for life is extraordinary. I really like it, as it speaks volumes of truth. An introspective nature such as the one he has should never go unnoticed.

    There could have been much more in his life that he could appreciate. So much more.

    I'm sorry as well, my deepest condolences to you indoubt.
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    It is indeed sad to see someone so young surrender at such a young age.
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    Forgive if i am wrong, but i would say it is more towards vindication..

    'Death is nothing compared to vindication'

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    Some times the world is just to cruel and painful for some. Its hard to lose a friend under any conditions. I'm sorry for your loss.
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    Suicide is an enormous act. Anyone who thinks it is any kind of "backing-down" from pain doesn't understand it. It is deep and sad. You have my sympathy.
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    I am extremly sad to hear this,
    I have been in a horrible place for two years, which was my high school in UK " i traveld alone to UK to study there...anyhow" i saw how GREAT people can get depressed nad have a great consquence on thier lifes. Dont luagh at me, but i ended up now "big loser" after i was having a great, great, great present and birghting future waiting.....
    I will say it this way, its the only way i find it fullfilling, excuse me:
    F*ck this world
    F*ck this world
    F*ck this world

    Not whole of it, but the who who put great ppl down.
    Sorry to hear that indoubt, deeply sorry. I disagree with suicide strongly. However, i still totally understand the how great ppl may start thinking of it. "I dont deny it sometimes pop-up inm my mind for a short moment but i do reject the idea totally"

    Peace be upon him.
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