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In memory of an old friend.

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    This weekend I attended a memorial service for the father of my best friend from High school. After my father died young, he became my second father. He was a very good man, always has a smile and good story to share. One of those stories seem appropriate to share with folks on this forum.

    It was just after the end of WWII and he was living in Colorado. A neighbor returning from his war time duties had a car that had been stored in a barn for the duration of the war needed to be repaired and started. My friend was a excellent mechanic and was called over to help out. It really didn't take that much and he had it going. The neighbor was very happy and admired his ability with cars. My friend took a lot of pride in that praise as his neighbor was Robert Oppenheimer, his war time duties was the Manhattan Project.

    That gives me a Oppenheimer number of 1! That is a lot better then having a Kevin Bacon number of any size!
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    That could be interpreted as giving all of PF a pretty good Erdős number for quite a few legends of the XXth century !
    Or "virtual" Erdős numbers ? Probably one of the most important Erdős number growth ever ! :smile:

    I hope his time came peacefully for everybody, and may he RIP.
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    I'm sorry to hear of the passing of one's friend's dad. But it is inevitable, but seemingly too soon when these are people who are a major part of one's life.

    Nice story Integral. May he rest in peace. My condolensces to your friend.

    I used to work with a guy who escorted A. Einstein who was touring a metallurgical shop in NY. I met Leo Szilard's nephew and I. Rabi's daughter many years ago. It was interesting (understatment) to meet people associated with the people of whom I read in the context of physics and nuclear energy.
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    I have a Keira Knightly number of 1. She was in my class at school.

    I realise this is irrelavent.
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    Sorry to hear of your loss Integral, nice story.
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    I'm glad you had someone to rely on after your Father passed. My condolences.
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