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In memory of Heather Pick

  1. Nov 13, 2008 #1
    I was shocked to find out that this remarkable individual passed away recently after a battle with breast cancer. Heather Pick was a reporter from Columbus, Ohio who brought great change to people's lives, raised awareness of Breast Cancer (and a ton of money for cancer research). I had met her a few times and the last I heard she was cured. Then I found out last night that it had returned in an incurable form which eventually took her life. She was a wonderful, bright woman, full of life and energy. Always doing something for her communities. She was the best of us.

    You can watch some memorial videos put together by the two stations she worked at by clicking the video links in the upper left of this page:


    We will miss you, Heather!
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    Heather was good, I will miss her giving the local news. She will be greatly missed, and supported, as well.
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