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In movies like X-men there are mutants. but not in real life

  1. Sep 23, 2004 #1
    In movies like X-men there are mutants. but in real life, is there any mutant like those ? Please name some of them. Thanks.
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    umm, no nothing like that... but yes, there are some people that have altered genetic make up, usually decendents of people who survived the atom bombs of world war II in japan, and also people that live near the areas in the pacific island that the french tested on.
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    Thanks Kane, those people ? Do they have any chances to get cured by today's biotechnology ?
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    No Not really, maybe in the future, when we know more about genetics and human biology. Theres no real cure to someone who didnt grow any arms!
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    Mutations happen with every reproduction. So, I guess we are all mutants of some sort.

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