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In need of a second opinion

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    I don't have a lot of time or money to waste on the grand doctor hunt of 2011, so I have decided to ask the people their opinion and go from there... here is my story... I have been a Pastry Chef for a little over two years now so standing for 10 to 16 hours straight isn't uncommon or anything new to me. In the beginning there was some pain in my feet but with proper shoes and insoles everything has been good. Being that I am overweight, I finally got to a point where enough was enough and I started walking 5 months ago. Slowly I have been adding more and more length to my walking and have started doing yoga as well. I now take a 5 mile walk a day, taking my time with a slow and steady pace. Now, here is where I would like your opinion: a week ago, towards the end of my shift at work, I noticed my ankle/foot was starting to hurt, but since I had just has a couple days off I chalked it up to getting back on my feet. Then, through the process of finishing out my day and running errans, it just got worse and worse, to the point where I was starting to limp and was unable to put all my weight on it. When I finally got home and sat down, I looked at it and it was extremely swollen, at least three times the size of my other ankle. Concerned, I went to a clinic to see if I should truely be concerned or if I just need to rest a couple days. The doctor took x-rays but hardly asked anything about me, my lifestyle, or daily activities and told me I was simply overweight and probably just don't remember hurting it. That I should rest, elevate and ice my ankle and take anti-inflammatories. Okay. Done. Two days later, she called to tell me my x-ray looked normal with no broken bones or torn tendons, but she could see on the x-ray soft tissue swelling but to continue with what I am doing and it will be fine. Call me crazy but I am pretty sure an x-ray only shows the bone and not much else. It has now been a week and my ankle is still swollen, still very much painful and I have not been to work and am losing money. Any ideas what could be wrong with me?? Should I continue to rest and elevate it? Do I go back to the original doctor or go somewhere else completely?
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    We don't provide medical advice here. If you are comfortable with your first doctor, see him. If not, see another doctor.
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