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In need of Academic Guidance

  1. Aug 18, 2012 #1
    Hello! I am new here and to be sincere i don't have any physics experience, but this seems to be the only serious forum that has a academic guidance section. To start i would like to excuse my possible grammar mistakes.

    My problem is that i am not sure what i want to do in the future, i am constantly changing my ideas, likes and dislikes and i can't stand doing the same thing again and again. I like trying out new ways of doing things, gathering lots of information, fitting from one activity to another and my opinion is that thinking logically is what matters most.

    My childhood was basically in front of the computer, i always liked learning how things work etc. I bought C++ programming books, Java and PHP but i didn't had the "call" that what i was doing was what i liked or what i had to do. I started high school on the computer science class but i didn't liked it, strict teachers with stupid metalities and useless theories. I dropped out and moved into arts high school because i found attracted by the graphic design. After 1 month of drawing I took their exams and passed with maximum score, looked pretty easy. I enjoyed drawing for the moment and the first year was interesting, new people, new stuff to do. At home i got into web design, i learned photoshop and illustrator and managed to do something with my programming experience from the past, i got into wordpress, javascript, jquery, css, html, html5, i enjoyed learning new things and reading blogs. After 2.5 years of doing that i managed to get some freelance jobs and the payment was pretty nice. But i didn't liked that, currently i am on my last year in high school and in exactly 9-10 months i have to know where i should go and what i should do but i don't, and this makes me anxious.

    I like arts but not as i like programming, i would like to continue to get my bachelor degree in computer science but i don't know what exams i should take ( i assume math, physics .. etc). Even with the thought that "i would continue with programming" i am not sure what part of programming. As I was reading stuff on the web i bumped into an article about most demanded jobs in 2012, and the first one was software engineer. Seems interesting, the payment is good, and the stress seems to be ok. Now what? What university i should choose? I am from Romania, and i thought of getting the bachelor degree here and continue with the master degree in other country and maybe Ph. D too.

    I really hope that some of you might give me some ideas, and maybe tell me what i should do to continue on this path. I am not very wealthy because romanians are selfish and steal from eachother that's why our economy is down, i would really like to escape from this place and move somewhere else so with that said i would like an affordable university.

    Thank you for your time reading this post, and i am waiting for your replies.
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