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Homework Help: In need of help

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    in urgent need of help

    i cant simply dont understand the differences between controlled uncontrolled independent and dependent variables if anyone can help its appreciatied :cry:
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    You can think of independent as..well, the name of it. Think of a situation where...you put your hand on a hotplate. On a graph of time vs. pain, your time is your independent variable and pain is dependent. Why? Because the longer you keep your hand on the hotplate, the more it's going to hurt. Therefore, the amount of pain you feel is dependent on the time you leave it on there. If you leave your hand there for x time, you'll feel Y pain. If you leave it there for 10x time, you'll feel 100Y pain (or whatever). It doesn't really go the other way around. It's analogous for controlled and uncontrolled as well. You control the time you leave your hand there, and your pain is the uncontrolled.
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    thanks a million
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