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In need of info to learn from

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    i have a lousy physics prof, who cannot teach at all, where can i find stuff to help me out on the internet, or anyone knows any good physics books for fluids and thermal, and wave motion and quantum
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    Thats a really broad grouping of areas. What level are these classes? Are you looking for something that surveys all the topics, or seperate texts for each one typically used for a whole semester each?
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    i really just need a good all around general physics book, or what ever anyone else thinks really helped them learn
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    You're being really vague. I could give you a list of texts on those subjects that I have lying around my room, but I don't think thats what you want. On the off chance it is:

    Fluid Dynamics: Theoretical and Computational Approaches, Second Edition, Z.U.A Warsi

    Is very, very thorough, its really a graduate text.

    Introduction to Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, Second Edition, Keith Stowe

    This one's a favorite of mine, written by one of my professors. Probably one of the clearest text books I've ever read.

    Not sure if these are what you're looking for since you won't elaborate.
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    I really doubt that they classify as general physics books.
    How about Halliday & Resnick?
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    the book i'm currently using is Fundamentals of physics 7th edition by halliday resnick and walker. and i just dont like the book and havent liked the book for the previous 3 physics classes that i have taken.

    heres a course description of the classes that i could use book sugestions for that i have been trying to explain in my prev posts.

    PHYS 213 General Physics: Fluids and Thermal Physics (2)

    Calculus-based introduction to the basic concepts of fluids and sound, heat, kinetic theory, and entropy, including such topics as: fluid mechanics and motion, sound Waves: speed, harmonic waves, intensity, temperature and heat: thermal expansion, heat capacity, conduction and radiation, kinetic theory of gases: First Law of Thermodynamics, internal energy of a gas, heat capacities, adiabatic expansion, entropy and the Second Law: concept of equilibrium and entropy, heat engines, efficiency of heat engines and refrigerators, introduction to statistical mechanics.

    PHYS 214 General Physics: Wave Motion and Quantum Physics (2)

    Calculus-based introduction to the basic concepts of wave motion, geometrical optics, interference phenomena, photons, wave mechanics, and the structure of matter, including such topics as: electromagnetic waves: Poynting Vector, polarization and reflection, geometrical optics: mirrors, refraction, lenses, optical instruments, interference and diffraction, photons and matter waves, energy quantization, structure of matter: hydrogen atom, conduction of electrons in solids, and nuclear physics and nuclear energy.
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    He said he wanted good books for fluids and thermal physics. Those are the best I've seen. Granted I've not gone through very many thermal books, but I have read through about a half dozen fluid mechanics books, varying from engineering convective heat transfer books, to the Warsi book which was by far my favorite from a physics standpoint.
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    i havent replied in a while, and since i'm in the middle of the classes, can anyone give me any good sources on the internet?
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