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In need of some advice

  1. May 1, 2009 #1
    Hey guys! I just found this site through google searching for astronomy major info. I thought this would be a good place to come for some schooling advice since it does in fact have a subforum just for that :rofl:. Here is my situation...Im graduating high school in a month and will be attending community college in the fall. I have been a musician for many years and was really going for a career in that field but i have very recently had a change of heart. I always have been fascinated by theoretical and philosophical concepts of astronomy and quantum physics. im pretty sure i want to pursue and education/career in this. Im totally stuck on what to do. Like i said i am interested in the theoretical and philosophical concepts of the universe and not crunching numbers for hours. I know there is a lot of math involved no matter what though, which is ok. Would cosmology be the field and not astronomy or astrophysics? Are there even degrees in cosmology or is it only astrophysics? I have no idea what classes to take either. Im getting my general education requirements out of the way for the first year but i really dont know what to do after that :confused:. Im located in tucson, right next to the university of arizona. I hear they have a great program for this but my advisor at school said i would have to be doing a double major in physics and astronomy which sounds like ALOT of work!

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    If I were you, I'd major in Physics (you will probably be allowed/required to take some Astronomy courses anyway). That way, you can go into more fields when you graduate from college.
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    There will always be a lot of number crunching and math in any aspect of astronomy or physics. To pursue a career in quantum mechanics/physics, you'll need a Ph.D.

    I'd suggest taking an Astronomy 101 class during your freshman year to see if it's something that you really do want to pursue.
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    Have you looked at the University of Arizona web site?

    http://www.as.arizona.edu/academic_program/undergraduate_program/undergraduate_major.html [Broken] - includes typical course schedules for astronomy (only) major and astronomy/physics double major.
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