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In school w/ concentrated aerospace degree. Transfer universities for a full one?

  1. Feb 9, 2012 #1
    Full title: I am in a school with a concentrated aerospace engineering degree. Should I transfer to a school that has an full aerospace engineering major?

    Outline of situation:
    - Rutgers University (New Brunswick Campus).
    - In-state student.
    - Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Aerospace.
    - Sophomore.
    - 3.6 GPA as of Fall 2011.
    - Have done research in engineering department regarding high speed flows and energy deposition.
    - Want to work in propulsion systems for NASA or a defense/aerospace company.
    - I am thinking of U. of Maryland (College Park) and U. of Illinois (Urbana Champaign) for transfer.

    Here's the thing, Rutgers University is right next to big pharma companies like Johnson and Johnson and big bank firms... so we get a lot of recruiters from there. I barely (if ever) see any aerospace recruiters around here. I think I've seen one but that's it.

    I applied to NASA, Boeing, etc. internships for this summer and am waiting to hear replies, so I can't absolutely depend on that.

    So, my question: Is it worth transferring to a higher ranked school that has a lot of recruiters from the aerospace companies coming in? Or should I just stick to Rutgers University?

    I live off-campus, cook my own food. I paid $900 for this semester for my tuition and I pay $400 a month for rent (shared) and I work enough to pay off the rent. I think going to a higher ranked school is worth the debt I will have by the time I come out since I will be able to pay it off easily and have a better chance of fulfilling my professional goals.

    But, I am a student and don't have much experience as you guys and girls, so I really need your insights because this is a very big decision for me.

    Thank you.
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