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In search of G

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    In search of "G"

    Just a little story I wrote the other day, I hope it is both amusing and profound and if it aint well...what can I say??

    In search for G

    Once upon a time in a not to distant present, lived a man that every one wanted to find and understand. His Name started with the letter “G” and some called him Gravity and some called him God.

    For thousands of years people everywhere have been looking for him. The scientist, the physicist have spent millions of hours in the pursuit of “G”. The religious people have spent thousands of years defending him and ideologically supporting his existence.

    All they knew was that “G” could be felt and not seen and that he was a very attractive proposition for finding him made one like him. If one could feel his attraction one was a part of him. And of course through out reality one could feel his pull. But the attraction was from all directions and we all stumble trying to understand where to start looking for “G” was every where. and no where at the same time.

    The scientists called him a weak force and the religious people called him the strongest force. A lot of people couldn’t care either way and couldn’t decide what he was.

    But any way, “G” was pretty smart because he knew that if he stayed out of sight and kept every one chasing the wrong tail he would stay unknown for longer but he also knew that one day some one is going to find him and he will become known.

    He knew that the best way to hide was in fact not to, in fact he knew that if he put the answer right in front of the people looking for him that they would never find him.

    Then one day people started to realise the truth. That the “G” they were chasing was actually themselves and that when they looked in the mirror they could feel him by simply feeling themselves. For “G” could only be felt and not seen.
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    Before I read this thread I thought (from the title) that this was gong to be on another notoriously illusive "g".... 3/2-5/2 inches in and a "come hither" motion finds that guy...

    Who knows? Higgs may pop up one day allowing us to say, "oh, that's 'g'".
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    [jive]'sup G.[/jive]
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    It sounds like a lovely story, I can't say I've ever really found God in the sense some people seem to believe but I do choose to believe God exists, I do however believe I may have stumbled on to The Ultimate Knowledge, but one will have to scroll down to read it if they choose to, I don't want anyone to read it if they don't yet feel prepaired for it:

    Pull my finger
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    Alternative interpretation:

    The scientists are not looking for the "G". They are looking for the mirror.

    We are part of the universe, and by understanding it we understand ourselves.
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    would understanding our own nature reveal 'g' to us? i'd say so. I think looking for G and for ourselves amounts to one in the same. I guess that's why i see science and religion so similar. Everyone's looking for the same thing, we just all have out own methods for trying to find it.
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