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In the beginning

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    In the beginning I have heard that the big bang came from an exploded singularity. What was this some sort of vacuum fluctuation? What are the current models of where the universe came from? Can something (the universe) be created from nothing or is it theory that energy resides in the vacuum of space? I have heard of zero-point energy. Does this type of energy reside hidden in the vacuum and does zero-point energy supposed to have played a role in the creation of the universe, as we know it?
    Thanks RAD
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    There aren't many good answers to your questions, but I can elliminate one idea for you. 0-Point Energy (ZPE) cannot be a mechanism for the Big Bang. ZPE is a property of the vacuum of space; it is a property of spacetime. Since spacetime did not exist before the BB, none of its properties or mechanics can have contributed to the event.
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    Thanks for your insight
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    Our science cannot penetrate the planck wall - i.e., whatever may have existed before 10^-43 seconds after the big bang is pure speculation.
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