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IN the Future Blackholes or Wormholes

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    [SOLVED] IN the Future... Blackholes or Wormholes

    Say that in the future mankind was able to master Black hole or Worm hole technology. Kinda like in Event Horizon technologically.
    Is it possible to master such a power?
    We could develope Black Hole Vacum Cleaners, Black Hole dumps, etc.
    If a massive asteroid was heading towards the earth, we could construct a small black hole to catch it. It would eliminate wars since no one would want to get sucked into a black hole.
    What other great things or bad things could happen if we as mankind truely mastered "Black Hole" technology?
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    A black hole vaccuum would not only suck up your dirt, but also your carpet, and as it grew your house, you, your neighborhood, and then the world Perhaps a bh vaccuum isn't the best use for mastering black holes.

    It isn't really known what happens to matter after a black hole decay's, although, it is believed that the matter would simply come back out. There really isn't as much mystery about black holes as the layperson would like to believe. When (in the future) we create black holes in a lab, they will be so small as to almost instantly disappear. They would be so small as to do nothing, such as have an event horizon large enough for anything to fall in.
    Once you start creating bh's large enough to actually do damage, such as suck people up in a war, or large enough to 'capture' an asteroid (if the danger presents itself), then you start having problems. The only great thing I can think of upon mastering bh's is the ability to see what happens around them, and create things unseen since the bb.

    EDIT: Wormholes are much more of a theory (if that is possible) than black holes, we don't even know the topology of space to know a)if worm holes exist or b) what would happen if one was to enter them. Although Stephen Hawking explains that the radiation surround the "hole" of a macro-"time machine" would be so much it would kill a person to enter.
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    Would it be possible to have 2 black holes parallel to eachother? If their event horizons faced eachother? What do you think the outcome would be?
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    man that would be sweet, not having to change them little baggies, or them messy and dusty canisters... i hate thos

    oh... nevermind ill deal with the dusty canisters. dont play with blackholes, they'll just make weaponds out of them.
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    The event horizon is not a disc, its a sphere, it would be impossible to have them parallel to eachother.

    Nobody wants to get blown up, hit by shrapnel, or shot either, but that doesn't stop wars, it would simply be another weapon to kill, it would quickly be outlawed by the United Nations though, just as an Atomic Bomb is outlawed.
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    And eventually, someone will feel that the other side doesn't have the guts to use such a dangerous weapon...

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