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In theory, are gravitational waves given off by earth's gravity?

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    Could we detect earth gravity wave from earth orbit?
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    Vanadium 50

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    The answer to both questions is "no".
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    My astronomy professor says you and me exert a gravitational force on each other from across the room. It may be very weak and we don't pull together but because of mass it's there. His words.
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    That is true, but it also is completely irrelevant to the question that you asked in the first post and Vanadium 50's correct answer to that question. You might want to stop for a moment and consider how we would detect the gravitational force between you and your professor (it's there, and if you google for "Eotvos gravity measurement" you'll see how we can measure it)... then consider whether this would work from earth orbit because that was your original question. And in any case the force between two masses has nothing whatsoever to do with gravitational waves.

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