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Medical In vivo testing methods

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    I am building a device. I need an in vivo procedure to perform the experiment. The experiment is based on shinning the red led light on to something just say finger. But I cant test it on any people or animals as of now. I need measure the measure drug concentration. So I need some kinda of model to perform this experiment So that I can inject some kind of drug in to something and when i shine the light I will have the photo detector that will absorb the left over light. please give me some suggestion on what type of models I can use.
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    Is this some form of photodynamic therapy? It really depends on what the intended application of the therapy is.
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    Its not related to photodynamic therapy. Its just a device that measures the concentration of drug when its inserted in to body. So I just want to know if there are any simple testing procedures that can be done to get some kind of data without using humans and animals. Once the data is obtained we can use various formulas for calculations.
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