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Incidence Axioms Proof

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    I need to prove that every line is contained by at least two planes using only the incidence axioms. This is what I have so far...

    Conclusions Justifications
    1. Let l be any line. Given
    2. l has at least two points A and B such that I-5(4)
    l = AB.
    3. Space has at least 3 non-collinear points, I-5(2)
    that is A,B,C
    4. There exists line AC and line BC I-1

    Help from here?
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    Please state clearly what "incidence axioms" you are talking about. There are a number of different such sets of axioms, some of which do not HAVE any "planes" at all.
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    The incidence axioms regarding lines, points, and planes. For example, I-1 states that any line contains two points.
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