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Homework Help: Incline easy plane problem

  1. Oct 12, 2015 #1
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    How i solve this problem would be, i assume acceleration to go right and downwards. WHich would give me the equation. The forces promotes the acceleration - the forces which opposes the acceleration = F_net


    However, U could solve this with free body diagrams, and Tension. How come I can just do like this and get the right answer? LIke how do i "motivate" on the test, without doing free body diagram and equation systems! Has it something to do with TEnsion = internal force and we look at the forces on the whole system external? Or how would u write on a test, just to motivate that u dont just guess the numbers!?

    2. Do i get the correct answer? :p
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    That is correct, and I don't think it needs further motivation.
    You have the implicit assumption that both accelerations are the same in magnitude, but that is easy to see.
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