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Homework Help: Inclined Plan Advantages

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    Inclined Plane Advantages

    I have a question where I must find two advantages to using a inclined planed and I've done allot of reach on the web for hours both in french and in english and the only advantage I can find is the adviouse one of spreading the work over a longer period of time.

    Could somebody point me in the right direction to finding more advantages?
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    The advantage of moving something up an inclined plane (a ramp) as opposed to simply lifting it? Of course, the amount of work is the same (conservation of energy) but the is no "conservation of force" law. Work= force time distance so if you increase the distance, you can do the same work with less force. I wouldn't say that it is just "spreading over time".
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    Think about this: Why do mountain roads wind around the peak, rather than go directly to the peak? A related question: how would you bike up a steep incline?

    You're almost on the right track when you talk about "spreading the work over "... however, it's not "time"... but "distance" that you should be concerned with.

    Hmm... what is the definition of "work"?
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    Yeah, that what I explained but I still can't find another advantage to it.
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