Inclined plane and buoyancy

  1. 1.) if there are two blocks of different masses rolling down an inclined plane, will their velocity be same? if so then how? there's no friction between the plane and the blocks.

    2.) there is a plastic boat in a tub, filled with metal rods. if the metal rods are taken out of the boat and put into the tub, will the level of water in the tub rise? please explain this with basic concepts.
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  3. Doc Al

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    Good questions. How would you answer them?
  4. i dont know. that's why i posted it!
  5. thanks! :D
    but what about the other question? :(
  6. Doc Al

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    Well, these sound a lot like homework questions. The best way for us to help is for you to tell us what you've come up with so far and where you are stuck.

    For the first one, what do you know about gravity and falling objects? How is motion down an incline different from just falling?
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