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Inclined plane

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    My problem states, 2s is required for the mass to slide the distance d from a resting position. If the height h is increased by a factor of 4, while holding theta(angle) at 30, how long does it take the mass to slide the new distance d from rest?

    height h =5.

    My main question is (don't laugh please) When increasing by a factor of 4, is my height now 6.25? I know how to do the rest of the problem. g*sin*theta, then to d=1/2at^2, but I seem to have completely lost my brain regarding that part of the problem:)

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    An increase by a factor of 4 means that you multiply the original value by 4.

    P.S. The Tutorial Sub-Forum is not for posting homework questions. Please post homework questions in the appropriate forum next time :smile:
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