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Incomprehensible list input

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to run a fortran 77 program which was compiled using g77 and it comes up with the following error ::


    I want the program to read some data files and analyse them so I have written the list like this ::

    I have no idea why this error is coming up... I have checked the program and he seems fine and I have declared the list in the declarations. The part of code used to open the file with the list of data files is the following ::

    If any one has any ideas what the problem could be.. :frown:

    Thanks in advance :bugeye:
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    The error message is about a read statement, not an open statement. If says the data in the file was in the wrong format.

    If you want to do read character strings with list-directed I/O like

    character*50 liste
    read(*,*) (liste)

    then the character strings in the data file must be in quotes


    To read character data without the quotes, do a formatted read using A format:

    read(*,'A') (liste)
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