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Inconel 718 and derivatives

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    Inconels 718 and related materials are used in nuclear and aerospace applications. Basically the are used in radiation and/or high temperature enviroments because of their strength, creep resistance and corrosion resistance. Periodically TMS holds a symposium on 718 and it's derivatives. I've had occasion to order up the proceedings for relevant papers and just keeping up with technology and applications. All the major producers and users attend the conference.

    The 7th International Symposium on Superalloy 718 and Derivatives is coming up.

    http://www.programmaster.org/PM/PM.nsf/SessionSheetView?OpenForm&ParentUNID=BCA141F511FB5C588525751C0075D466 [Broken]


    Ed Loria is an honorary member of the organizing committee posthumously. I'm sad to say that he passed away Feb 28, 2010. I had the pleasure of a few conversations with Dr. Loria several years ago. He was a great guy and one of the principal pioneers of the technology. He was editor of several symposia.

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