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Incorrect exam Questions

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    hi guys
    these were some questions i got wrong in a an exam, i was unable to attend the lecture following the exam so i am not sure how to do these two questions that i got wrong i have working, although it is to complicated to put on htis site if anyone can ghet an answer, that would be great then i might know were i went wrong in my working out. cheers

    Question 12

    A current of 3.97 A is passed through an electrolytic cell containing a dilute sulfuric acid solution for 3.66 hours. Calculate the total volume of gases (in L) generated at 0oC and 100 kPa.
    Do not use scientific notation for your answer
    R = 8.314 kPa L mol-1K-1 and F = 96480 C mol-1

    Question 13 (1.0 points)

    Technetium-99( atomic mass 98.9 daltons) is used for bone scans. It has a half-life of 6.0 hours. How many disintegrations can you expect from 60.46 mg technetium-99 in 1 second? (Answer to 3 significant figures and use form eg. 1.10e15 for 1.10 x 1015)
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    The working is not too complicated to write down. If you think it is, then say what steps you took, and what final answer you got.

    We can not respond until we see some work from you.
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