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Increasing current ?

  1. Feb 8, 2009 #1
    In my physics lab , we do our expt. : analysis of HYSTERESIS curve which requires a current of 1-2 A to magnetise the solenoid , now we have a ready made instrument for getting that value of current .

    So what could i do manually in order to get that magnitude of current from AC mains which has a feeble current of around 30 mA.
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    use a transformer, or an amplifier.
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    1-2A at what voltage? AC or DC?

    What do you mean by 30mA? You only have 30mA at 120Vrms available (why?), or you only need 30mA at some AC or DC voltage (what voltage?) for some variation on the experiment?
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    Dude, if he doesn't know V=IR, why would he know what 120Vrms meant?
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