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Homework Help: Increasing Friction/Traction

  1. Jan 5, 2009 #1
    Hey Guys,

    I posted this in the Engineering forum, I thought this topic might fare better here.

    Hello Everyone,

    I am on a FIRST Robotics Team. This year, the game has presented us with a new challenge. The playing surface is made of rough plastic, but the wheels are hard smooth plastic. Basically killing friction, or at least reducing it by 1/6.

    Now, my question is how do I increase friction/traction. Note these few things that we must accomplish.

    - Robot Cannot weigh more than 120 pounds.
    - We can only use the plastic wheels.
    - Only the plastic wheels can be touching the ground at angle perpendicular to the ground.

    What we have so far:
    - We know that we need to push the 120 pound weight limit and get the robot as heavy as possible.
    - We know that a low center of gravity will help in increasing friction for the robot.
    - We know that using a large number of wheels will increase traction, which will result in an increase in grip for the robot.

    Any help is appreciated past what we have. I also have a couple more ideas, but I want to keep those off the forums.

    Thank You
    Sunny G.
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