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Incredible calculus tools!

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    Chances are you'll probably have these in this forum somewhere already, but just in case you don't I linked them here!

    http://calc101.com/webMathematica/derivatives.jsp" [Broken]

    http://calc101.com/webMathematica/integrals.jsp" [Broken] - will show the solution, you need to buy a password for the step-by-step version, but if your just interested in the final answer you get that for free!

    http://calc101.com/webMathematica/partial-fractions.jsp" [Broken] - I find this really useful for quickly getting PF's for integration!

    Theres a couple of other ones in there too - the links to the various calculators are at the top!
    I find these very useful for checking homework answers/solutions halfway through a bigger problem to make sure I've not made stupid wee mistakes.

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