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Independent Research Project

  1. Jul 2, 2007 #1
    Hi everybody,
    I am currently at a summer program hosted by my home state of Georgia (USA) called the Governors Honor's Program. Right now we are preparing for our final project that's supposed to take up the remainder of our time here (roughly three weeks). My partner and I are supposed to select a math problem that sort of "hasn't been solved yet" and, well, solve it. Some students do very well with their choices, and the teachers keep telling us about this group last year that was published on MathWorld.com. I'm not looking for any fame, but I would like some suggestions.

    Some of my friends have chosen topics such as programming a simulator of sorts, modeling a spherical triangle, or determining if the Euler-Mascheroni constant is irrational. If we don't solve our problem, we are supposed to report what we learned.

    edit: The problem can be physics-based, and our topic is due tomorrow at 9;50, although we're in no big rush. I've had up through AP Calculus, but the topic doesn't have to include calc.

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