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Independent Study Advice

  1. Jan 18, 2015 #1
    Has anyone been through independent study calculus course ( DE through a university out of Utah)? I really miss the aspect of having an instructor but I do enjoy being able to focus on the aspects that I am not great at while passing over things that I've already learned. I would really like to have a small study group but can't seem to find out who is enrolled in the course much less going at the same pace as I am. Has anyone gotten through this type of course? Were the exams anything like the the traditional class exams? I have found a few differences in the independent study exam review vs the seated midterm exams.
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    I've taken an independent study, but in aerodynamics. These types of courses are highly self motivated, you won't find a "study group" because most people aren't very curious/want to just get by. I'd suggest taking the opportunity to explore a personal interest and applying what you've learned to a large project. Pick something that will help you achieve your long term goals too.

    For example, I just did another IS on wind energy. I set my own deadline of December first to develope a research report. The final copy was finished mid December and was roughly 17 pages long with 25 references. I'm now modifying it so it can be used to write a research grant for a PhD program.
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    Thanks for the advice. I plan on completing the course a few weeks ahead of the seated course,and so far I am on schedule so I don't think I have a problem with meeting my deadlines. I am just worried about not being able to rely on my normal methods of bugging the teacher with incessant questions until I feel confident enough to take the exam. I really wish I knew someone who had taken this specific IS course to get their opinion on what topics were most important for each test but I guess this is the tradeoff........
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    You are better off being independent. At some point in time you'll come across a problem where you can't run and get help. The more independent you are the more potential you have to go farther in your career.
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