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Independent Study

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    What goes into an independent study? I need to take one this summer to take a math course that isn't offered then, but I'm not really certain what it involves. Do I study on my own and show up periodically to take exams? Or do I receive one on one instruction from a professor for a few hours a week?
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    I once took an Independent study class, and you basically get a packet of all the assigned readings and handouts, and then you show up for the exams on the days they tell you. It's like learning everything on your own without someone to reinforce the material. Are you capable of handling this?
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    The course I'm gonna take is number systems. (If you've seen my other threads you know that this has been a major problem for me.) It sounds similar to Discrete Math except the focus is on the real number system. I'm not too worried. I generally study on my own anyways. I know the lack of a lecture will be an odd thing though.
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    I thought it was going to be a walk in the park, too. Um, number systems on your own can be very difficult.
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    The BEST person to ask this is the instructor who you will be conducting this for you. Each instructor has his/her own way of doing this. It can range from him/her just giving you reading material and assignment, to meeting several times a week in which formal instruction will be given to you. So ANYTHING can happen here. Do not expect a single, well-defined way of doing this.

    So go to the instructor and ask!

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    Good points! However, since this course will be at a university that i'm transferring to it will be with an instructor I've never had. But maybe I could arrange for the same course with someone at my college.
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