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Indigo Carmine toxicity

  1. Jul 28, 2007 #1
    When I checked the wikipedia page for Indigo Carmine, the article there says : "Indigo carmine is harmful to the respiratory tract if swallowed. It is also an irritant to the skin and eyes.".

    But on a Streplis pack, menthol flavour it says: "Contains permitted colours: Indigo Carmine".

    If it was as toxic as it is said on wpedia, it shouldn't be a part of medicines even in a small amount.. so what exactly is the case?
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    There is a saying "toxicity is just dosage".
    Pretty much anything is bad for you in high enough doses, even Oxygen and water - similairly almost anything is harmful in small enough amounts.

    I suspect that there is very very little of the dye needed to make the strepsils a pretty colour.
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