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Indium film deposition

  1. Sep 7, 2014 #1
    I want to deposit a layer of indium with a thickness of 10-100 microns on a metal bar. What would be cheap method for prototyping this? I am considering either soldering the indium and then flattening it or using an electron evaporator beam. Any other suggestions?
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    I'm sorry you are not finding help at the moment. Is there any additional information you can share with us?
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    I've decided to go with an electroplating method. Are there any reference tables for calculating a mixture to gain the desired thickness of ~100 microns on a copper surface?
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    Evaporative coating is the easiest method that comes to mind... Indium has a very low melting point and is rather easy to evaporate. However, 100 microns is very thick coating. Indium corporation does offer an indium sulfamate plating bath which will probably work as well. I'm curious, what's the application?
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    The application is for a thermal connector. And I've made a permanent decision to do electroplating based on the desired thickness. Still, how would I go about determining what the correct solution would be? Any easy formula for that or is it from experience?
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    It might be easier to obtain bulk indium and melt it on to your connector using an indium flux. We do this occasionally as a thermal interface between assemblies. It might be more difficult to get a very precise or consistent thickness, but the same is true for electroplating.

    I have never electroplated indium, but if you look for literature related to it you will find the information you need.
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