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Individual Study Program

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    Hey guys. I have a quetion. I just found out that I can take Differential Equations through the "Individual Study Program". This means that I get the book, read it myself, turn in 12 HW assignments whenever I feel like it, and take three tests whenever I feel like it. I have a full year to complete the course.
    I was thinking that maybee I could take the course and do half of the work in the time between the Spring and Summer Semester, and then stop working on it while I go to school over the summer, and then finish it in the time between the Summer and Fall semester.
    I have almost 4 weeks inbetween the Spring and Summer, and about three weeks in between the summer and the Fall.
    Do you think I could do it? I know that is a short amount of time, but if that was the only class I was taking it seems to me like I could do it. I talked to a lady in the Independet study department and she said that the class would be hard to finish in 16 weeks. What do you all think.
    I was thinking that I could just watch all of the lectures on the MIT OCW site for DiffE to substitute for the lectures.
    One more thing, I am not particularly good at math, but I really do enjoy it, and I DEFFINETELY consider myself to be a self learner, and often look at going to lecltures as a complete waste of my time because I learn more by just reading the book. (I don't really learn much at all in the lectures. I think this is because I am kind of a little slower at learning the material as oppose to my peers.) What do you all think??
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    By the way, I am taking Calculus 3 over the summer, and Linear Algebra in the fall. So I would learn Diff E "Around" my calculus 3 course.
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    By the way, I could also take the LInear Algebra course the same way. So instead of tking the Diffe class like I said, I could take the LA class like that, and then take DiffE in the fall in the regular semester. I don't know which would be easier to do this with, but I assumed Diff E would, because DiffE is a 2000 level course and LA is a 3000 level course.
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    The reason I am thinkin about doing this is because I have 6 more math classes to take, I this way I could get through all of them before I start the final two years of my program. The classes I have left are: Calculus 3, DiffE, Linear Algebra, Calculus of Several Variables, Complex Variables, and Linear and Non Linear Programming (the complex variables and Linear Programming classes I am using as electives toward my major [EE], so I am not just taking those for fun or anything)
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    Personally, I'd say that if you think you can do it, go for it. I did something similar to that over last summer with Linear Algebra and just took the department proficiency test. Essentially, it was like I was taking the class without actually taking it: I bought the "official" textbook, found the homework problems assigned to one section online, and even had some old exams from someone I knew. I passed (and dare I say, aced) it. I'd say that the most important thing is that you make a schedule and stick to it.
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    which DE course is it? a basic one(the first one at your school) or one that focuses on ODEs or PDEs.
    DE is rather an easy class to take in my opinion, and it can be completed in a month if your not doing anything else besides working at that class.
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    Yes, it is Elementary Ordinary Differential Equations.
    And the thing is that I don't HAVE TO finish within a month. I have a whole year to complete it (although I would want to definetely finish it by the end of Fall 06, so I can take classes that require it as a pre-req).
    So I would do most of the work in the ~4week intersesion in between Spring and Summer, then finish it in the ~3 week intersetion between Summer and Fall. And if I really couldn't get it done by then, I could finish it up over Christmas break.
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