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Indoor orbs

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    Hi, brand new here. Cant find anything online about my question. Ive already posted the following to my.FB friends looking for some links that dont involve paranormal. So I dont have to retype, here is my story and question: Strange question and some may think Im on drugs or drinking, Im not. Looked for a way to only post to friends who might understand but couldnt find a way so here it is to all my friends....Has anyone ever seen or heard of gold orbs floating indoors? I saw one this morning not five feet from me. It looked to be made up of many many small orbs or glowing lights. Not solid, but like some kind of energy. It stayed in one place.for a min or two. I blinked my eyes, rubbed them, but it never moved. It just sort.of lightly "breathed". It was orig about 8-9" but got smaller, then back, then smaller then back, never larger than 9" or so. After a cpl min, it got smaller and faded to nothing. Then a blueish colored horizontal "tube", much smaller, around 4" appeared for less than 30seconds and faded away. Then nothing. I didnt feel afraid, just absorbed in trying to figure out what it could be. What could explain it? I read alot on particle.physics, so I assumed there was a logical explanation, just something Im not familiar with. Looking online, I have so far only found ghosts.and spirits related to such things. I dont believe in ghosts so Im trying.to find a scientific explanation. Like I said, no drugs, no alcohol, not an hallucination. Very wierd. Ive seen other things before that I couldnt explain, but nothing so close I could almost touch it. Im gonna keep looking it up online, but if anyone knows of a reasonable.site to check out that would be cool.
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    Thanks. Im familiar will o the wisp, st elmos, and ball lightning, and such. Cant find anything on indoor orbs. There was also that tube like thing. Different color too.
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    Thanks, Russ. Was the first thing I thought of actually. The thing is, it was always clear, in focus and stable. It (they) never moved. Three dimensional and clear. Thats what makes it so interesting. All rational, simple explanations dont fit.
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    From your description (you saw it immediately after waking up) I'm more inclined to suggest that it was a hypnagogic hallucination: http://www.patient.co.uk/doctor/Hypnagogic-Hallucinations.htm

    Strange lights and noises are very common hallucinations, and in particular with hypnagogic hallucinations there is a very strong perception that the events are real because you're still partially in a dream state. Your description of the object seems very similar to how they are described:

    "Visual presentations usually consist of simple forms such as coloured circles or parts of objects that may be constant or changing in size."

    I have pretty regular sleep paralysis episodes (once or twice a week) and I've seen similar things. It doesn't mean you're losing your mind or developing a mental disorder, it's just a normal sleep disturbance that happens to people every now and then.

    If this starts happening during daylight waking hours, talk to a doctor because seeing things that aren't there is never a good sign.
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    Thanks Jack. Id been awake. I blinked and rubbed my eyes thinking like Russ pointed out, it might be a floater.
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    You don't need to be on drugs or alcohol to have a hallucination. It's entirely possible that it was never real in the first place and it really was a hallucination.
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    From your description it is more likely to have been caused by one or another of several kinds of neurological events that cause hallucinations than a real external phenomenon. Elaborate visual events, such as you had, that seem to exist in three dimensions in the external visual field, is not sufficient reason to dismiss the possibility they were hallucinations. Hallucinations can be extremely realistic and detailed.

    Here's a random example I happened to recall off the top of my head, of people with Migraine hallucinating the sight of tiny lilliputian figures:


    I am in no way suggesting you have Migraine. My only point in posting that link is to point out that there is all kinds of hallucination going on that people have never heard of.
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    Thanks zoobyshoe. I may have been hasty in saying it wasnt an halucinatiion, but all my other faculties seemed in tact. (Though crazy people are said to not believe theyre crazy). I consider myself fairly logical and have in the past had premonitions as well. I have always looked for reasonable reasons for them such as subconscious ponderings that I may not be aware of consciously. So far, all Ive found on subjects such as these are paranormal theories. Ive dealt with premonition type things all my life, just never hallucinated or saw things I couldnt explain rationally. Thanks, Ill keep researching.
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    I've had all sorts of optical issues. a large glowing hot pink filigree ball is one I see every few months, sometimes for days in a row. Red balls, blue balls, it has to do with the how the eyes work, I forget now the explanation, but my neurologist explained it. I also have opthalmic migraine which is very cool, it is not a headache, but glowing, pulsing, spinning, undulating geometrical designs within a crescent.
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    Hallucination does not mean a person is crazy at all. The neurological causes of many kinds of hallucinations do not affect the person's "mind," and they, themselves, can be as skeptical about the reality of what they are experiencing as any outside person would be. For example, from the books of Oliver Sacks we learn it is relatively common for elderly people with a lot of hearing loss to hallucinate the sound of music. This was unknown for a very long time because as soon as these elderly people realize no one else can hear it, they keep it to themselves for fear people will think they're crazy. Which is a non-crazy, rational way of dealing with it. All their other faculties are, indeed, intact. The auditory circuits of the brain are the only ones behaving outside the norm, and their minds are actually fine.

    As for "premonitions," there are probable neurological causes for this too, depending on what you mean. I myself, have often been seized by a profound and rock-solid certainty that I know exactly what is going to happen next. This emotional hallucination comes as a concomitant of the neurological "Deja Vu," a temporal lobe event during which the present is imbued with a deep and overwhelming feeling of familiarity. 'Hyper-familiarity', as it were. When everything around you seems hyper-familiar, and you happen to speculate about what might happen next, which everyone does all the time, that speculation becomes equally imbued with a hyper-familiar quality, and you believe you actually know what will happen next. The feeling is so powerful you are not really at liberty not to believe it. When the event is over, you remember the certainty of the feeling and might marvel that you KNEW what would happen next, despite the fact what you thought would happen didn't actually happen! I used to rationalize this by supposing that seeing it coming had changed the future.

    Anyway, there are many complex kinds of hallucinations out there that most people aren't aware of. The books of Oliver Sacks are a good place to start. They're very readable and widely available.
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    Thanks for the info both Evo and Zooby. Ill look into Oliver Sacks now. I dwnld and read books all the time something interests me. Though my "premonitions" is another subject, they have mostly not been pertaining to me or my own life/curcumstances. The last big one I had, was about a host of cops being killed just before it happened and in my immediate area. It was very surreal when it happened. I dont hear voices, I get impelled thoughts out of the blue. I live in Wa and we had several deputies killed in a coffee shop a couple miles from my home immediately after and one killed in Seattle by the same guy as well as one.on a DV call. This stuff intrigues me when I cant find a reasonable explanation.
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    OK. That's certainly not the kind of premonition I was discussing.

    However, I have had a very similar experience to yours. One day I found myself contemplating the navy ships that come into San Diego harbor, here, and that got me thinking about the Navy ships at Pearl Harbor. IIRC, it was a Japanese goal to pin as many US ships in the harbor as possible where they would be sitting ducks. This made me speculate about the possibility of someone taking explosives up to a navy ship in a small vessel, like a zodiak, when it was sitting in the harbor doing nothing. Within two weeks just about that same thing happened to the U.S. Cole. I found that very disturbing.

    In retrospect, I am pretty sure it was just coincidence. I speculate and think incessantly about every conceivable kind of scenario. It's not too much of a stretch to suppose a real life event will, once in a while, closely follow one of these mental scenarios. The 'misses' outweight the 'hits', you have to realize, by several orders of magnitude.
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    It is! Like a kaleidoscope.
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    Sure would have liked more description about the circumstances. What room were you in? Lighting? Weather? Sound? Did you move around and see it from different points, i.e. get a triangulation on it? Describe in detail.
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    Hey Zoobyshoe, yeah I understand your points. When I have had "prems", they werent thoughts, they were uninvited. Thanks tho. Im really interested in this visual thing. Dave, It was morning, interior light, no reflections, 3d, no sound. Just a gold orb about 8-9", then a blue "tube" I could see it continually as I moved. I didnt go closer than about 5' tho. I was just really curious, not scared. Havent found anything online yet. Probably die never knowing. :)
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    Have you been to an opthamologist or a neuro-opthamologist? Before we start speculating, you need to see the proper doctor. Good luck to you.
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