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Induced current inquiry

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    Will this work in principal?

    When a current is induced into a coil, by way of a permanent magnet, the said coil will react in producing its' own flux field. Can the flux field produced further induce a current in, let's say, a separate/independent closed loop?

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    Yea but it would be weak.
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    Thanks waht, I was under the understanding that an equal and opposite force would be produced while the permanent magnet(PM) array is in motion, implying that there was no or very little loss in the secondary flux field produced. Is this correct? Or is a second field produced, of equal strength which would also follow Faradays law? If so the induced force of the third coil that is being induced by the secondary flux strength, independent of the primary windings influence, should also be the same strength or some what less. What am I not concidering here? It stands to reason that one can not continue with coils inducing coils inducing even more coils etc. Logic says there is going to be a power loss.

    Thanks again for your response.
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