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Induced Electric fields

  1. Dec 3, 2008 #1
    A time-dependent magnetic field inside a superconducting solenoid is directed perpendicular to its circular section. This magnetic field is confined to a cylindrical volume of radius .05m such that the magnetic field, B = 0 for radial distances r > R. Find the rate of change of the magnetic field that will result in an induced E field of magnitude 2.5 * 10^(-2) V/m at r = .03m and .1m.

    Well E*2*pi*r = -A*dB/dt
    Is A equal to the area that the flux goes through, pi*r^2, or is it the ratio of the areas, r^2/R^2 for r< R.

    For r>R:

    E*2*pi*r = -pi*R^2 * dB/dt

    Then you just plug in the number and find what dB/dt equals. But I am unsure if the area is just the area that the flux goes through or if it is the ratio of the area of the total flux to the area of the flux though the circle with radius r.

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