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Homework Help: Induced EMF in a coil problem

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    1. A 100-turn, 2.0-cm-diameter coil is at rest in a horizontal plane. A uniform magnetic field 60 degrees away from vertical increases from 0.50 T to 1.50 T in 0.60 s.

    2. EMF = N*d(phi)/dt
    phi = flux = ABcos(theta)

    3. dB/dt = 1/0.6
    EMF = 1000*(1/0.6)*pi*r2*0.5 = 0.262 V

    Is that correct? Should the sign be negative?
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    Is there a reason you're using 1000 turns when the question says 100?

    Otherwise, the numerical value is correct. By convention, it should be negative.
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