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Homework Help: Induced emf

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    Can someone check my equation for flux. Thanks

    A rectangular loop in the z-y plane is situated at t = 0 at the points (x=1,z=0), (x=1,z=5), (x=4,z=5), and (x=4,z=0). The rod of the loop with end points (x=4,z=0), and (x=4,z=5) is moving in the x-direction with a velocity
    [tex]v=5\vec{i}[/tex]m/s while the rest of the loop remains fixed. Find induced emf in the loop for all t

    B = (10/x) cos100t j

    [tex]\psi=\int_{s}B\cdot\,ds=\int_{xo=1}^{xo=4} \int_{z=0}^{5}\frac{10}{x}cos100t\vec{j}\cdot\, dx\,dz\vec{j}[/tex]
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    Looks OK to me except the lower limit on the x integral should be 1, not zero, with xo = 4 in the upper limit. I assume you can simplify and integrate this.
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    Yes I can do that and then find emf.
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    [tex]\psi=\int_{s}B\cdot\,ds=\int_{x=1}^{4+5t} \int_{z=0}^{5}\frac{10}{x}cos100t\vec{j}\cdot\, dx\,dz\vec{j}[/tex]
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