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Induced magnetic moment

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    Excuse me, can anyone teach me how to calculate the induced magnetic moment of steel, given the applied magnetic field?
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    Can you give us the background for this question ? Is it for a class - if so, what grade/level ?
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    Thx for answreing.
    I think this is a University question...
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    That's not enough because the answer varies depending on what approach you take on the problem. Is this in context of classical electrodynamics or condensed matter physics? Intro or advanced(graduate level)?
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    It is only at introductory level.

    Please concern it as easy as possible, classical electrodynamics I think.
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    Typically, you can estimate the magnetization from the susceptibility. But depending on the material (kind of steel) the hysteresis might ne large enough that you'd want to refer to a magnetization curve to determine the induced magnetization at a given field.
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