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Homework Help: Induced Voltage in a coil

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    Hello, Im new here.
    I was hoping to get some help with a problem. I need to find the Induced Voltage in a coil in terms of the number of coils N, the length l, and time t.

    I think when all said and done the equation should look close to: NlcB0*sqrt(1-cos(kl)), which is the induced RMS. The frequency is given as 1.0*10^9 Hz.

    I know that Faraday's Law is-H*(d(flux)/dt) and flux is the integral of vector B dot vector dA. dA is d(y)d(z)i^ + d(x)d(z)j^ + d(x)d(y)k^.

    So, basically, how do I get from Faraday's Law to that?
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    Okay, thank you, those links did help. :biggrin:
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