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Inductance in an AC generator.

  1. Jun 14, 2009 #1
    I just have some confusion about whether or not self-inductance will occur in an AC generator.

    The current is alternating in both direction and magnitude rapidly when it is generated and this will in turn cause a changing magnetic field around the conductor. This magnetic field will then induce a back-emf which opposes the change. Does this happen inside the generator as well? If it does happen, then does the rotation speed of the armature linearly relate to the current produced or does this inductance (inductance increases with frequency right?) somehow throw it off?

    Edit: I just realized that the question is awkward and difficult to grasp. Perhaps this second question will be able to clarify some things for me.

    Say I induce a current in a solenoid through the movement of a magnet. If the magnet was moved at constant velocity then the emf generated would be constant. However, if the magnet was accelerated, the emf generated would increase with the velocity and this would cause an increasing current. Would this increase in current cause self-inductance in the solenoid?
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