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Inductance & magnetic flux problem - please help

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Inductance & magnetic flux problem -- please help

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
The magnetic field of a place on Earth has strength 55 microTesla and is tilted 60 degrees below horizontal. A 200 turn coil with diameter 4cm and resistance 2 ohms is connected to a 1 microFarad capacitor. The coil is held in a horizontal plane and the capacitor is discharged. Then quickly the coil is rotated 180 degrees. Afterwards, what is the voltage on the capacitor?

2. Relevant equations

3. The attempt at a solution
I have the flux through the coil initially:

= pi* (.02)^2 * (5.5e-5) * cos (30) * 200 = 1.2 e -5 Wb

But I really don't understand what happens when the capacitor discharges. Also, how does just flipping the loop over will change the flux to induce a current? It seems to me that the angle doesn't change or anything. Please help.
Re: Inductance & magnetic flux problem -- please help

Any ideas? This is really bugging me that I don't understand this very well.
Re: Inductance & magnetic flux problem -- please help

hmmm... ok
So I guessed that the flux would be the same when flipped only with the opposite sign:

(1.2e-5)--(1.2e-5) = change in flux = 2.4 e-5 Wb

(2.4e-5)/dt = EMF

(2.4e-5)/(2ohm)dt = dq/dt

dq= 1.2 e-5 C = (1e-6F)Vc
Vc = 12 V

I do have another question though. The capacitor would discharge again after being rotated, right?

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