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Inductance of a Coaxial cable

  1. Mar 29, 2007 #1
    hiya guys,

    I'm having a large amount of trouble with a problem that i've been working through (currently revising for an uncoming exam in electromagnetism, along with alot of other things). the problem is stated as follows (condensed):

    coaxial cable - inner cylinder radius a, out cylinder radius 4a
    region of radius 2a < r < 3a filled with relative permeable material mu(r) > 1

    find the inducance L per unit length when cable is in a circuit with current in axial symmetry out along one cylinder and returning along the other.

    suppose there is only enough magnetic material availble to this inductor, explain why L can be increased by distribution and find the largest inductance acheivable by doing so.

    any light towards where to even start on this would be great!

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