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Inductance of a solenoid

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    I have to make a solenoid to operate some device. Can anybody let me know what formula to use to calculate number of turns for a solenoid wound on some metal. I also want to calculate the force.

    Does this formula works

    B = uourNI/L
    F = ILB
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    what you are using is for long distance solenoid

    I have seen one more formula

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    Here is the procedure that I have used to find out the DC solenoid

    v = IR where R is the Dc resistance of solenoid and V is the applied voltage
    R = V/I
    from here I can find out the wire lenght, L from wire table


    F = ILB where F is the weight that solenoid can raise without letting it to fall and L is length of solenoid
    B = F/IL from here I can calculate B

    also B = uourNI/L

    or N = BL/uourI from here I can calculate number of turns

    and inductance = uourN2A/L where A is the cross section area.

    The problem is that if we also consider the inner and outer dia of solenoid and we use some metal material then this crosssection area A correspond to which area. also tell me if F= ILB is the right equation if I want to see how much weight in newton the solenoid can raise if I insert some steel etc object inside solenoid and attach weight F = mg to it and it does not fall down.
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