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Inductance of transmission lines in vacuum

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    hello frnds, im in jeopardu regarding d thing ,so u gyz uot there pleeze tell me can we have a inductance of a transmission line placed in vaccum?
    hope u gyz will pull me outta this soup.
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    Yoiks. Looks like you got a little trouble with your keyboard there, scout. To answer your question (or what I think your question is) -- Yes, transmission lines have inductance and capacitance in any medium, including a vacuum.

    Why do you ask? (and please try to type a little better....?)
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    ..and on a related topic, why can't you display diagrams or pictures directly in a message, but you can have letters 30 feet tall? How useful is that?
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    Because the size of the font does not alter the bandwidth needed to transmit a message while a photograph will. Additionally, allowing photos means you must moderate all photos(lots of work) or you must put up with the occasional naughty picture(not good when young ppl are around or foreign ntls who do not approve of such images frequent a site).

    There are probably other reasons but I'd bet dollars-to-donuts the above are big players.
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    Yes. Inducatnce does not come frrom the air and is not significantly
    altered by it.
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    Not a good enough reason. All other physics forums manage to handle these problems fine.
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    ..yes, inductance doesnt matter whether it is in a vacuum or not, as long as there is a current that will pass inductance is there
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