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Homework Help: Inductance Question

  1. Mar 23, 2005 #1
    Hi all, I've managed to solve the following question but the answer I'm getting doesn't seem right...

    What inductance must be connected to a 17 pF capacitor in an oscillator capable of generating 550 nm (i.e. visible) electromagnetic waves? Comment on your answer.

    To solve it I just rearranged the following equation and isolated L


    I'm also not sure what the prefix 'p' in the 17pF stands for...

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    p stands for pico, which is equivalent to 10^(-12).
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    So this is what I have now, the answer I'm getting is extremly small, could someone please just check over my work to see if I have made any errors... Thanks


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    Your algebra looks right to me. I don't remember much about inductance to comment on the physics of it.
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