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Induction Furnace

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    Can you please assist to obtain information, as explained and requested below:

    We are trying to minimize downtime for failure of induction furnace lining and hence we are exploring all possible ways and means to achieve the same.

    The situation in our plant has changed and one induction furnace has been removed. So, in other words, we now have a spare induction furnace.

    We are trying to ascertain if it is possible to reline the spare furnace we have, including sintering with burner and keep it ready. Then, when we have lining failure in the furnace we have been using, is it possible to take out the furnace being used and replace with this spare relined furnace that was kept ready. We understand that some plants do this. They have portable cooling arrangements and they do change over from one furnace to another in less than 4 hours. Thereafter only the final sintering is done with metal, which takes 12 hours, that is, total duration of furnace change is 12 + 4 = 16 hours.

    We wish to know from the refractory supplier, that if we install the refractory off line, do the necessary heat up with burner, how long can we keep the furnace standing, without much moisture ingress or with some protection, you can suggest, to prevent moisture ingress. Does the binder that is used in manufacture of the refractory hydrate and leads to moisture absorption?

    If you can suggest a suitable solution to this, it will be excellent. Otherwise, if there are no easy solutions, we have get a dehumidifier.

    Please also reply on the above. I have to provide reports to my senior management on all these issues, at the soonest.

    Thank you in advance, for your assistance.
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