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Induction Heater Tutorial

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    I stumbled upon this forum and hope to read up on many threads. I have actually put together a tutorial on a DIY induction heater. I am hoping that I can get some feedback on it, and if there any areas I can explain more or better.

    The link is http://www.mindchallenger.com/inductionheater" [Broken].

    I've gotten it up to 2kw input, and the inverter is close to 90% efficient getting the power to the coupling transformer. I do not know the efficiency of the resonant tank.

    Here is a http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyG0Ri0dqI4"to my video showing it melting a 1/2" steel nut.
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    Welcome to the PF. Pretty neat heater! Nice clean construction techniques as well. Do you have any particular applications in mind for it, or is it mostly a learning exercise?
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    I did it, like many of my hobby project, for the sake of saying I did it. I am waiting to get a crucible in order to liquify some steel, but I do not plan on any casting. I am going to try and press the mosfets higher and see how much power I can put into them. I have 40A line I can use. Right now my limitation is the 20A breaker on my variac. I don't just want to go full power without a means of slowly increasing it. It is quite impressive to see it work.

    Water cooling is a must at these power levels or the conducted heat starts to melt the transformer wires.
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