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B Induction Heating

  1. Apr 24, 2017 #1
    Hi everyone, I'm conducting an experiment where I place a ferrous material rod inside a solenoid to measure it's temperature due to induction heating, as shown in the video below:

    The aim of my experiment is to calculate the magnetic field from the temperature of the ferrous material rod. Is there a formula that links the two together? (Temperature due to induction heating and magnetic field)
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    Calculating the rate of heat generation in the rod is probably possible (depending on how complex the temperature dependence of the magnetic properties of the rod is), but the calculation of radiative and convective heat loss rate to the surroundings is likely to be a difficult problem. Both rates affect the steady state temperature the metal reaches.
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    You might stand a better chance of measuring the rate of temperature rise or the rate of heat transfer, rather than the final temperature. I was thinking along the lines of the Calendar and Barnes equipment we used in A level physics at School.
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