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Induction Machine Simulation

  1. Jan 11, 2006 #1
    I'm modelling an induction machine used as a fast-response drive that provides on-demand additional power to a manually operated lever.
    My problem is I have no fixed operating point, the motor operates at high speeds but only for a maximum of 10 seconds at a time. I'm also modelling this out of the blue, its a design concept; which means I can't measure or test anything. I do have a preconception of the motor or what it should look like: a small 3phase squirrel cage (Type B or D I guess), with a max. output torque of around 4 N.m
    My problem is: I need to be able to design a model (as simple as possible) that would accurately recreate the stator i.e. the effect of having this machine at the end of a 3phase supply.
    I have already done this on a permanent magnet BLDCM but that's much more simple because there is no real coupling between stator and rotor equations (there is no rotor:wink: ) which reduces the outcome equation to a first order (PT-1) system... mere child's play. I then proceed to implement my simulation to electronically controlled loadboards (controllable V-R-L hardware circuit that would simulate the effect of having the BLDCM, or any other load for that matter, in control circuits).
    I have already simulated the induction machine in state-space but thats not very helpful as I can't decouple a clear yet concise simulation i.e. equation/s representing phase voltages/currents for the stator which would then be easy to implement on the load boards, and needless to say a state-space based model that has variable parameters isn't exactly a real time system's best friend.:confused:
    My end target is to have this in abc coordinates but a solution in dq wouldn't be unwelcome... :redface:
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..
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